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Dr Hikmatullah Babu Sahib

Dr Hikmatullah Babu Sahib

A stellar reference in the field of Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Islamic Medicines, Halal Process, Products and Services, Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Banking and Finance are just a tip of the iceberg on the area of expertise for this renowned scholar. Having graced numerous seminars, conferences and various gatherings of the intellectual discourse with insightful research papers and essays, he has inspired many like-minded participants and become much sought-after reference in the academic fraternity and financial industry alike.


An avid writer, he has penned down several publications making his expertise on the subject matter reaching wider spectrums to be enlightened and offered resourceful pointers for those knowledge seekers. His expertise also expands towards training and consultancy basis for the betterment of few institutions and various think-tank group such as Standard Chartered Saadiq Bank, Darul Huda Islamic Academy Kerala India, Pergas Investment Holdings Singapore, International Halal Foundation Malaysia and Positive Islamic Psychology Centre Malaysia; a role he assumes since 2005 and some he holds till present.


Career-wise, he has held various seats either as an Associate Professor, a Visiting Professor or an Academic Fellow at the region’s various universities of high-regards such as In’tnl Islamic University of Malaysia (2002-2020), Prince of Songkla University and Madinah International University Malaysia (2016-2017) respectively, educating bright young minds with progressive virtues.


Prof. Hikmat as he fondly known, holds a Postdoctoral Research Fellow from Yale University, Coonecticut USA (2002) and a Ph.D in Islamic Jurisprudence from the University of Edinburgh Scotland in 1995.

Prof Zaini Affandi

Associate Professor Zaini Affandi

Astute, knowledgeable and experienced personnel with solid background in Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing and Corporate Finance and talented for business planning and forecasting develop through working in both manufacturing and services along with the proven ability to deliver result on time and within budget.


Assoc. Professor Zaini has been delivering comprehensive financial planning, analyzing, monitoring and guidance for various financial institutions and multi-corporations for the open markets since his formative years. Spreading cash-flow forecast, projecting profit/loss and analyzing productivity records are just few worthy mentions of his analytical preferences in dealing with issues on any given corporate’s turnover.  His true mettle clearly shines in edging the financial intricacies especially in the areas of Islamic Finance and Banking as evidenced by his footprint in the domains of Al Bait Bitamin Ajil, Al Wadiah and Al Ijarah for the domestic banking institutions.


As an Internal Auditor, an area of expertise true to his passion, he offers most comprehensive insights to the envious of many like-minded enthusiasts, accumulated since the early days venturing into industry when he first joined Malaysia Airline Berhad in 1983.


Staying faithful to his love for the academic world and providing quality education to the general masses, he has graced many faculty’s auditorium the likes of Glassgow College UK, International Islamic University Malaysia, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman, Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation Malaysia, Allianze College of Medical Science Malaysia; imparting valuable knowledge and captivating aspiring students of the complexities and challenging financial and banking industry. True to his testament, Assoc. Prof Zaini is currently with Restu International College Malaysia as its Vice President Academic helming all matters related to its innovative teaching, research and entrepreneurial studies towards academic excellence.


Assoc. Professor Zaini holds a Master of Science in Accountancy from Leeds Metropolitan University of United Kingdom and a doctorate degree (Ph.D) in Islamic Accounting from the International Islamic University Malaysia.

Abdullah Sanusi Othman

Mr. Abdullah Sanusi Othman

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master’s in the same field from University of Missouri – St.Louis, Missouri USA, he has contributed profoundly his knowledge and expertise in the academic world for the past 20-years. With an area of research and concentration in Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Management, he further exemplifies his expertise by becoming a member of Malaysia Quality Accreditation’s (MQA) Panel Auditor for over 20 years in institutional audit.